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Passionate Advocates for the Rights and Freedom of Every Individual.

Welcome to the Law Offices Of Kenneth W. Ralidis

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Ken Ralidis is a sum of many parts – an attorney with his own law practice, a passionate advocate for the rights and freedom of every individual.

As a Civil Trial Lawyer, Ken has been practicing in Southern California for over 30 years, specializing in Labor and Employment Litigation, Personal Injury Cases, Business Fraud Lawsuits, Real Estate Litigation, Fiduciary Duty Actions, Construction Defects Litigation, Venue Security Cases, Theme Park Lawsuits, Environmental Litigation, and General Civil Lawsuits.

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I have retained Ken Ralidis at least five times over the last fifteen years. I continue to call Ken when I need legal help because I have found Ken to be honest, fair, diligent and extremely competent. I also been impressed with how aggressive Ken can be, when the situation calls for it. I have watched opposing attorneys spar with Ken in court, and I was impressed with Ken’s ability to discredit and defeat the opposition, while maintaining the favor of the Judge. Makes me smile when I think about it. I like having Ken in my corner.

– Michael R. Jeppson, Senior Vice President – Investments
Merrill Lynch, El Segundo, California

Ken helped me enormously in cases large and small, over many years, in contractual, entertainment and licensing litigation. Ken helped me regain control of a large media project and also was instrumental in defeating a fraudulent claim against my family. I wish that everyone had a lawyer like Ken who can be trusted completely to make every effort to honestly, and with great compassion and energy, protect their interests.

– Jonas Mohr, Author, Photographer, “Mugshots”
Real Deal Studio – North Hollywood, California

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