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Lack of Security Lawsuits and Cases

Lack of security, venue or event security, and/or security guard related lawsuits arise from a variety of situations and circumstances. Our firm has handled multiple lack of security, and/or security guard related lawsuits and cases.

One type of lack of security lawsuit is due to building or business owners whom have knowledge of crime in a neighborhood. In this situation, they may incur a duty to hire appropriate security personnel and/or to construct safeguards. These cases may involve subpoenas to the police department or sheriff to obtain a history of similar crimes in the area. If the crimes are more common, the building or business owners may have a duty to undertake heightened security measures.

Lack of security lawsuits can also arise from venues, events, concerts, festivals, and much more. Our firm has handled multiple lack of security cases of assaults or attacks in parking lots and other premises, and has obtained significant settlements and trial results for its clients.

If you have a case and possible lawsuit similar to these, contact Ken Ralidis at 213.251.5480 today to see how he can help you get the compensation you deserve. We have often obtained results for our clients that are 10-25 times what the initial offer was. Don’t just settle for any attorney that may not have the experience, or a big law firm that doesn’t have the time or resources for a case like yours. Reach out to Ken Ralidis for his experience and the personal attention he offers. We can help you win your case!