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Unethical Business Practices Lawsuits and Cases

Unethical business practices lawsuits occur all the time between business partners and between businesses and consumers. And sometimes businesses cheat customers, clients, shareholders, partners or investors. Our firm has represented all of these types of clients.

Unethical business practices lawsuits involve some of the same kinds of behavior that are fraudulent. Unethical business practices can be anything from unearned fees charged or deducted from an account, or can be on a more massive scale such as alleged by a local Wells Fargo branch manager who was fired for revealing oppressive and fraudulent sales tactics used by the company. Apple was sued for intentionally slowing down older model iPhones so as to enhance sales of newer models. Other unethical business practices lawsuits and cases include mortgage lenders or refinancers not providing full or accurate information or disclosures on loans.

We have experience with all types of these unethical business practices cases and lawsuits, and we can put that experience to work for you.

If you have a case and possible lawsuit similar to these, contact Ken Ralidis at 213.251.5480 today to see how he can help you get the compensation you deserve. We have often obtained results for our clients that are 10-25 times what the initial offer was. Don’t just settle for any attorney that may not have the experience, or a big law firm that doesn’t have the time or resources for a case like yours. Reach out to Ken Ralidis for his experience and the personal attention he offers. We can help you win your case!