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Recent Appellate Cases Put the Brakes on Meal and Rest Breaks Lawsuits

Over the last three years, many workers’ lawsuits for violation of various Labor Code provisions, such as for violation of overtime laws, for violation of minimum wage laws, and for misclassification of workers as “exempt” or as “independent contractors”, have also added causes of action for meal and rest break penalties, especially as a result […]

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The Law on Vacation Pay, Sick Pay, Holiday Pay and Sabbaticals in California

Paid vacations are not mandatory in California, whether under state or federal law. So, most of the time, an employee is not going to be able to recover pay for vacations, even if that seems like the fairest thing to do. One exception is if an employment contract between the employee and employer provides for […]

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Effects of “Stay at Home” and “Essential Services” Orders

And New Required Sick/paid Leave Laws; And Cost Reimbursements There have been several state and federal, and some County rules relating to business closures and paid leave. In short analysis, the practical effect of the state, local and federal laws, programs and orders is that employers should likely cover payroll over the next two weeks […]

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Are You an Employee Who Has Been Misclassified?

California Supreme Court Strengthens Employee Protections For almost two years, employers have been anticipating the California Supreme Court’s ruling in the Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v. Superior Court of Los Angeles case, [Case Nº S222732, decided April 30, 2018), about the critical test as to determining employee-versus-independent contractor status. The ruling was unanimous, and strong […]

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