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Passionate Advocates for the Rights and Freedom of Every Individual.

About Ken

Ken Ralidis is a sum of many parts – an attorney with his own law practice, a passionate advocate for the rights and freedom of every individual, a performance artist, a published poet and short-story writer, a compassionate and caring human being.

Ken graduated from UCLA in 1983, with B.A.s in both Economics and Political Science, focusing on International Security and Nuclear Proliferation. In 1987, he received his International Law Diploma from the University of Salzburg and his Juris Doctor from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. Ken practiced as a civil attorney in Spain’s (and Europe’s) then-largest law firm, Bufete Cuatrecasas, for about 1½ years.

As a Civil trial lawyer, Ken has been practicing in Southern California for over 30 years, specializing in labor and employment litigation, real estate litigation, fiduciary duty actions, construction defects litigation, venue security litigation, consumer litigation, unfair business practice and unfair competition litigation, contractual litigation, fire litigation, and certain types of environmental litigation.

When Ken is not working at his law practice, he expresses his creative side as a multimedia artist, photographer, and visual and graphic artist. Ken has been accorded assistant producer credits for various short films, and has also been involved in various movies such as “Go Fish”. In addition, Ken has received recognition for his contributing work on the published books “Reckless Road: Guns N’ Roses and the Making of Appetite for Destruction” by Marc Canter, and “Mugshots: A Celebration of the Journey From Ruin to Redemption” by Jason Porath. Ken also created and hosted the “Chill of Rights Show” in the Phoenix, Arizona and Providence, Rhode Island markets in the early 2000s (focusing on civil rights and constitutional legal developments), and he was a FM radio disc jockey for 4 years in the 1980s.

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Ken is one of the smartest lawyers I’ve ever met. He is personable and compassionate, yet strategic and uncompromising and has the intelligence to know when to use those qualities on behalf of his clients. Ken has successfully represented our endeavors and we are stronger and better for it.

– Jason Porath, Portland, Oregon
Shoot Hip, LLC

Mr. Ralidis and his legal team represented not only myself for my personal matters but both of my businesses that were involved in legal actions, on several occasions. I have found him to be not only incredibly professional in the capacity and practice of law, but his integrity, compassion, decency and overall respect for myself and my employees was a most welcome attribute. I would recommend him most highly to any potential client considering his outstanding legal representation.

– Noah Talmatch, New York City
Noa Corporation Orb, Inc.

I couldn’t put out my book with out Ken’s help. A great guy and a very smart lawyer.

– Marc Canter, Los Angeles
Canter’s Deli

Our corporation has been a client of Mr. Ralidis for the past few years. He has successfully litigated several of our court cases and we have found him to be a highly professional Attorney with an intimate knowledge of the law and its complex procedures. He is aggressive when he needs to be and always protects the best interests of the client. Kenneth has demonstrated a high degree of dedication, professionalism and unquestionable ability to present each case. His availability has always been exemplary, regardless of his heavy work load. With pleasure, we will continue our relationship with Mr. Ralidis, whom we describe as an outstanding litigator. In closing, he enjoys our total confidence and utmost trust.

– Dr. Peter Van Schultze, President
Uniglobe Aerospace, Inc.

I have known Ken for over 17 years. We worked together at a small law firm in Los Angeles, where I was the a paralegal. I have never seen an attorney as competent and dutiful. He is out of the box brilliant. I’ve witnessed his ability to step in and turn a mere possibility into a masterpiece. His logic and language skills make him a natural litigation and trial attorney. And he did all of this with great integrity. I would not hesitate to call on Ken when needed. In fact I have!

– Arleen Betos
American Express, Inc.

Ken helped me enormously in cases large and small, over many years, in contractual, entertainment and licensing litigation. Ken helped me regain control of a large media project and also was instrumental in defeating a fraudulent claim against my family. I wish that everyone had a lawyer like Ken who can be trusted completely to make every effort to honestly, and with great compassion and energy, protect their interests.

– Jonas Mohr, Author, Photographer, “Mugshots”
Real Deal Studio – North Hollywood, California

I have retained Ken Ralidis at least five times over the last fifteen years. I continue to call Ken when I need legal help because I have found Ken to be honest, fair, diligent and extremely competent. I also been impressed with how aggressive Ken can be, when the situation calls for it. I have watched opposing attorneys spar with Ken in court, and I was impressed with Ken’s ability to discredit and defeat the opposition, while maintaining the favor of the Judge. Makes me smile when I think about it. I like having Ken in my corner.

I have fired numerous attorneys over the years who didn’t have some of Ken’s qualities described above.

Ken Ralidis has earned my trust over the years. Ken is now my #1 ‘go to guy’ for all of my families legal needs.

– Michael R. Jeppson, Senior Vice President – Investments
Merrill Lynch, El Segundo, California

The best thing about Ken Ralidis is a feeling that he cares about you and your problems. He is very professional, but retains a human touch so often missing in his field of endeavor. He has my full trust and confidence.

– Jackie Brainard
Maui, Hawaii

On several occasions within the last few years, I have had the pleasure of requesting the assistance of the Offices of Kenneth W. Ralidis, especially on cases of substance and criticality, when my offices were understaffed.

I have found Mr. Ralidis to be most cooperative, efficient and exceptionally knowledgeable.

My office will continue the professional collaboration arrangement with Mr. Ralidis, since he never failed to aggressively and successfully litigate all cases assigned to him.

I highly recommend Kenneth Ralidis as a professional, experienced and dedicated attorney.

– Emilio N. Francisco, Esq.
Emilio N. Francisco & Associates, LLP, Attorneys at Law