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Personal Injury Lawsuits

Personal injury cases and lawsuits come in all types. We have a lot of experience with:

Major accident personal injury cases often involve injury from motor vehicle accidents such as car accidents, truck accidents or motorcycle accidents, but they may also include motor vehicles striking pedestrians and bicycle riders. Car-on-pedestrian and car-on-bicyclist accidents often cause serious injuries.

Many injuries are caused by dangerous conditions of property, and the largest category of such cases is the all-too-common slip and fall case. There are two general types of slip and fall cases: (1) where the landowner or business operator knew about the condition but did not alleviate it or at least warn about it; and (2) where the landowner or business operator did not know about the condition prior to the accident, but did not have adequate procedures and practices in place to identify potential dangers and to fix them prior to an accident.

Learn more about Major Accident Personal Injury lawsuits and Premises Liability Slip and Fall Lawsuits at the links above.

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