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Minimum Wage Violation Lawsuits and Cases

This area of the law regarding minimum wage violations is complex, because different cities or counties may have different minimum wage rates, as long as they are at least as much as California state law requires. The minimum wage rate also depends on how many employees the employer has (and complications arise on how the number of employees are calculated). As of January 1, 2020, California requires employers with up to 25 employees to pay at least $12/hour and employers with 26 or more employees to pay at least $13/hour.

In minimum wage violation lawsuits, often the calculations of unpaid minimum wages can be complicated, depending, for example, on which method of overtime is utilized, and on determining the number of hours worked “off the clock”. Many of our calculations for our clients can be extremely detailed and for any hours for which the actual wage rate falls below the required minimum wage level, the employer may be required to pay the difference between the sum that would have been paid had the minimum wage been paid, and the amount actually paid. The employee is also entitled to “liquidated damages” in an amount equal to the unpaid minimum wages.

Where travel time between job sites is required, the employer may not realize it was not paying minimum wage, because those unpaid hours bring down the average hourly rate below the legal minimum wage rate. We have recovered many thousands of dollars for workers in such scenarios. For minimum wage violation lawsuits, you need our experience on your side.

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